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After a serious accident, you should be focused on your health — not a legal battle. Let us fight for the full compensation you deserve.

About Us

At The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., we are committed to getting maximum compensation for people who have been hurt in serious car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, and slip and falls. Our New York personal injury law firm takes an aggressive approach when dealing with insurance companies. We know their tricks and the tactics they use to try to minimize payouts on valid injury claims.

Our attorneys come prepared to fight. We will back up your claim with extensive medical documentation and expert opinions, if necessary, to force the insurance company to offer a full and fair settlement. If you are not happy with a settlement offer, our experienced litigators will be ready to take your case to trial and fight for a fair verdict.

In addition to advocating for individuals and families in complex personal injury cases, our firm represents medical providers in no-fault arbitration claims. Our team has extensive knowledge of the no-fault arbitration claims process. We have earned a reputation for helping providers resolve claims efficiently and effectively.

To get help with your personal injury case or no-fault arbitration claim, please contact The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., today. The consultation is free, and there is no charge unless we secure payment in your case.

Let Our Firm Take the Stress Off You

Across New York, people have chosen our law firm to help them navigate the most challenging times in their lives. We take this responsibility seriously. Our attorneys provide outstanding service, strategic representation, and exceptional results.

  • Personal attention: We are not a high-volume firm. Our attorneys aren’t speeding through cases and juggling an overwhelming number of clients. Instead, we focus on quality over quantity. We keep our caseloads smaller so we can focus on you.
  • Aggressive advocacy: Insurance companies stay profitable by collecting premiums and minimizing payouts. The insurance adjuster’s job is to find ways to diminish the value of your claim or deny it altogether. That’s why our attorneys are aggressive in our approach to negotiating settlements. We know what is on the line for you, and we fight fiercely for the best possible resolution.
  • Maximum compensation: Many people come to us focused on the crisis in front of them. They are worried about paying for emergency doctor bills and getting their car fixed. We help them find immediate solutions to those pressing problems, but also refocus on the bigger picture. When evaluating your personal injury claim, we will take into account ongoing treatment needs, future anticipated medical expenses, lost income, reductions in your future earning capacity, pain and suffering, and mental distress. You deserve to be made whole again after an accident. We make sure you are not shortchanged.
  • No fees unless we win: After an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is an attorney bill on top of your medical bills. We understand that. Our firm does not charge any fees upfront or out of pocket to work on your case. Instead, our fee comes as a percentage of the compensation we secure for you. If you don’t recover money, you don’t pay us. It’s as simple as that.

Get Started on Your Claim Today

If you have been hurt in an accident or need assistance with a no-fault arbitration claim, get the legal advice you need now. The dedicated attorneys at The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., will review your case for free and explain all your legal options. Contact us now to get started.

About Our Queens Attorneys

The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., is dedicated to fighting for the rights of individuals and families whose lives have been changed in devastating accidents that should never have happened.

Our seasoned Queens personal injury lawyers have earned a reputation as aggressive advocates for victims of car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle wrecks, and slip and fall accidents. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial struggles that our clients are facing.

Our goal is to recover the maximum compensation necessary to give our clients the best chance at a full recovery.

In addition to working with individuals and families, our New York personal injury law firm also represents medical providers in no-fault arbitration cases. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the claims process and can help providers navigate everything smoothly from start to finish.

Cases We Take

Car Accident

Our skilled attorneys will work quickly to pursue full payment for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and future anticipated losses after a car crash.

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Truck Accident Lawyer

Our legal team has the knowledge and the resources to investigate complex truck accident claims. We will identify all potential liable parties and demand full compensation for you.

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Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, don’t wait to get legal advice. Our slip and fall attorneys will aggressively negotiate for the payment you need to heal.

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No Fault Arbitration Lawyer

Our skilled legal team helps medical providers navigate the complex no-fault arbitration claims process. We take care of everything for you from start to finish.

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