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After a serious accident, you should be focused on your health — not a legal battle. Let us fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Queens, NY

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Queens, you may be badly injured, out of work, and feeling as if there is no way to get back on your feet. Medical bills can pile up, and your motorcycle accident claim may require mountains of paperwork. As you recover, you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

At a trying time like this, our motorcycle accident attorneys can help you move forward. When another motorist’s negligence caused an accident that injured you, we are prepared to work tirelessly to seek the compensation you are owed.

motorcycle accident lawyer in QueensAt The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., our Queens motorcycle accident lawyers understand how stressful an accident can be. We are ready and able to take the burden off you. Our attorneys fight for the rights of bikers whose lives have been devastated by preventable accidents. We have earned our reputation as aggressive negotiators and skilled trial lawyers. We know how to handle deep-pocketed insurance companies. When you are injured, we will go the extra mile for you.

To learn more about how we can help after a motorcycle crash, contact us today by phone or online. We offer a free consultation and there are no fees unless we win for you.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Queens

After a motorcycle accident, take these steps to help protect your rights:

  • Get medical attention for your injuries. You may need serious medical care immediately after an accident. Your priority should be to get the help you need. Even though you may feel fine after the accident, get a full medical evaluation as soon as you can.
  • Call the police. When police are called to the accident scene, they will create an accident report. That report can be useful in your claim for compensation. When you talk to the police officer, describe what happened in a simple manner. Avoid blaming anyone for the accident.
  • Take photos of the accident scene. Be sure to capture close-up photos of the damage to vehicles along with broader shots of the accident scene. Capture road conditions, skid marks, and any other information you think might be relevant to the accident.
  • Avoid talking at the accident scene about what happened. Accidents happen quickly, and the parties that are involved may be confused about the cause of the crash. It is best not to talk with others about the accident. Instead focus on gathering the documents the police will need, such as the car’s registration.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses. Witnesses tend to disappear soon after an accident. If possible, get the witnesses’ names and contact information for future discussions.
  • Avoid discussing your accident on social media. People forget that social media posts may be public. If the other side is trying to avoid responsibility, any social media posts about the accident may be used against you.
  • Speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in Queens. Contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can advise you on what steps to take following an accident. The attorney can also begin building your accident claim.

Client Testimonials on Motorcycle Accidents

Extremely professional and efficient. Simon was my representative and was very attentive throughout the entire process of my case! He kept me updated at all times and made my experience seamless. Also a huge thank you to Christian he also was there for me when needed! Boris keep it up your team is amazing

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I had a great and easy experience with this law firm. I was very satisfied with the outcome. I truly recommend this law firm

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Great firm. They were very helpful with my case, best place to go to for sure. I’ll come back again if I have too.

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Can I Get Compensation After a Motorcycle Collision?

When you pursue damages in your motorcycle accident claim, compensation may be available for:

  • The cost of medical treatment and accommodation for your injuries
  • The damage the accident did to your income and your future earnings
  • The cost of repairing or replacing your motorcycle, your protective gear, and any personal belongings damaged in the accident
  • The pain and suffering caused by your injuries
  • The wrongful death of a loved one, including the loss of the loved one’s support and care

A motorcycle accident attorney from The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., can identify whether these and other types of compensation may be available in your case.

Why Are Motorcycle Accident Cases Complicated?

Motorcycle accidents can be more complicated than other types of road accidents for these reasons:

  • Motorcycles offer less protection than cars. Motorcycles may offer mobility and freedom, but they lack many of the safety features of modern cars. Motorcycle riders must often rely on experience, riding skills, and quick reactions to prevent accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents involve complex laws. Many facets of personal injury law can arise following a motorcycle accident. For example, a product liability claim may be filed if your motorcycle or safety gear failed and caused the accident. A negligence claim can also occur when a distracted driver runs into you. Given the areas of law that must be considered, a motorcycle accident claim can quickly become a complex legal matter.
  • Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries. When a motorcycle rider is in an accident, life-threatening injuries are a very real possibility. Head, neck, and back injuries are common, as are disfigurement and broken bones when the motorcyclist strikes the pavement.
  • Other motorists have false assumptions about motorcycle accidents. No motorcyclist wants to end up in an accident. Yet, too many people mistakenly assume that the motorcyclist must have caused the crash. As part of a motorcycle accident case, motorcyclists must overcome those assumptions.

What You Need to Know About Proving Fault for a Motorcycle Crash

To prove who was at fault in your motorcycle accident, you may need to collect police reports, vehicle damage records, and eyewitness statements. You may need expert witness testimony to explain how the violation of New York traffic laws caused the crash. Proving fault can be a difficult and time-consuming task that relies on many different records. A Queens motorcycle accident lawyer from The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., can help you gather that evidence.

What If You Are Partly at Fault for the Crash?

New York is known as a comparative negligence state. Under the comparative negligence rule, if you are partly at fault for your accident, a court may reduce your compensation by your percentage of fault. For example, suppose a court awards you $50,000 of damages from your accident but also rules you were 10 percent at fault for the crash. The court can reduce the compensation you receive by 10 percent, or $5,000. Under that scenario, your total compensation award would be $45,000.

Using comparative negligence, the other side may argue that you were partially at fault for the accident and that your compensation should be reduced. A motorcycle accident attorney from The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., can build a solid case and help you dispute that argument.

Time Limit to File a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Under New York law, you usually have three years to file your motorcycle accident lawsuit. If someone you love has passed away because of injuries from an accident, you have two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Depending upon the facts of your motorcycle accident case, these time limits may be longer or shorter.

Get your claim started as soon as possible by speaking with an attorney, who can let you know the time limits that apply to your case.

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Common Injuries in Motorcycle Collisions

A motorcycle crash can result in catastrophic injuries. Some of those serious injuries include:

  • Head injuries – Skull fractures and serious brain injuries are all too common in motorcycle accidents. Even the best helmet cannot protect a rider from all head injuries.
  • Neck injuries – In an accident, riders may be thrown to the ground or hit nearby objects, resulting in painful, long-term neck injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Motorcycle accidents result in partial or complete damage to a person’s spinal cord. Spine injuries may leave accident victims with partial or full paralysis and other related health problems.
  • Broken bones – The sudden and forceful impacts from a motorcycle crash can easily leave riders with fractured bones and broken ribs.
  • Lacerations, bruises, and abrasions such as road rash – These injuries can be life-threatening and may require extensive surgery to repair. Victims with these injuries may face disfigurement and a painful and lengthy recovery.
  • Dental damage – Sudden forceful impacts can cause severe damage to a victim’s face and teeth, requiring significant oral surgery to fix the problems.
  • Torn muscles and joint injuries – An accident can easily damage or destroy soft tissue, leading to mobility issues.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Collisions

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers, including those on cell phones and other electronic devices
  • Intoxicated or drunk drivers who operate a vehicle when they shouldn’t
  • The failure of a merging driver to see a motorcyclist
  • Malfunctioning parts, including faulty tires and brakes
  • A driver making a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist
  • Dangerous road conditions such as loose sand and potholes

New York Motorcycle Laws

New York has various motorcycle laws and regulations that promote rider safety. Two of the most important laws address helmet use and lane splitting:

  • Helmet Law. New York requires motorcycle riders and their passengers to wear DOT-approved helmets, as well as goggles or face shields that have been approved.
  • Lane Splitting Law. While a few other states such as California allow lane splitting, that practice is not allowed under New York law.

How Our Queens Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help You

After an accident, the legal team from The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., can help build your claim. A motorcycle accident attorney can:

  • Determine what really happened in the accident and who may be at fault for your injuries
  • Take the pressure off you by investigating your accident and handling all calls, e-mails, and discussions about your injury claim
  • Provide the personalized attention you deserve
  • Answer your questions about how New York law may affect your claim
  • Aggressively negotiate with insurance companies to maximize your compensation
  • Fight for you and your recovery in court

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., today. We aggressively advocate for people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. We know how stressful an accident is, and we are ready to do everything we can to take the pressure off you. You can rely on us for the personalized service you deserve.

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