29 Nov 2023

By Boris Tadchiev

In Pedestrian Accident

Floral Park, NY firm represents individuals and families in complex personal injury cases

 The Tadchiev Law Firm is pleased to have obtained a $985,000 settlement for a client who suffered disabling injuries in a pedestrian accident when he was hit by a motorist while walking across the street.

On Feb. 11, 2020, Edgar Mendoza, an auto mechanic, was struck and knocked down by a left-turning vehicle as he was crossing a Nassau County street with the pedestrian light in his favor.

Mr. Mendoza sustained serious injuries to both shoulders, his left knee, and his right hip, and suffered multiple herniated discs in his lumbar and cervical spine, requiring multiple surgeries. He was disabled and still unable to work nearly two years after the accident.

Attorney Boris Tadchiev, founding partner of The Tadchiev Law Firm, P.C., filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Mendoza in Nassau County Supreme Court against the estate of Donald Jenkins, the driver who struck Mr. Mendoza. Mr. Jenkins later passed away for reasons unrelated to the accident.

As part of the development of the pedestrian accident case, the defense counsel representing the estate of Mr. Jenkins hired an orthopedic doctor to examine Mr. Mendoza. The doctor conceded that Mr. Mendoza had suffered a diminished range of motion in both shoulders and his left knee, as well as a disability in his lumbar spine from multiple herniated discs. The doctor did not contest that the pedestrian accident caused the injuries.

Given the lack of dispute about the cause and seriousness of his client’s injuries, Mr. Tadchiev was successful in negotiating a sizable settlement to help with his client’s recovery.

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